Civil Aviation in WZL No. 2 S.A. Summary of 2018

The key success of 2018 was the strengthening of cooperation with the Nordic Aviation Capital – one of the largest leasing companies in the world, which has over 400 aeroplanes in its portfolio. The outcome of this cooperation was the realization of the order related to the technical preparation of such aircraft as: ATR42-500, Embraer E190, Bombardier Q400. The two last mentioned have been taken under PLL LOT wing and have been flying in the Polish brand colours to this day.

Thanks to the investments in infrastructure and equipment, as well as in the development of the technical staff, at the end of 2018 the WZL2 Management Board had a basis to submit an application to the Civil Aviation Authority for extending PART 145 certification by adding heavy maintenance. It means that the coming year 2019 will bring even more opportunities to perform aircraft maintenance within an increased scope.

Under the agreement concluded with the Boeing company, in 2018 our company provided support to the 1st Airlift Base concerning the Boeing 737-800 aircraft which is designed to carry the most important people in the country (VIP).

In 2018, we implemented new solutions and a system necessary for the civil aircraft service. Thanks to our actions in the field of aircraft repair and painting, we are becoming more and more noticeable in the trade media abroad. The year of 2018 was also marked by the development of small aviation. Currently, we are the CIRRUS Authorized Service Centre, but thanks to our efforts, we signed an agreement with Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH, N.A to create at our plant an Authorized Service Centre for the following types of aircraft: DA20-C1, DA40-NG, DA40-D, DA40-180/XLS/CS, DA42-NG, DA40-NG, DA62. WZL2 are also holding talks on the launch of Diamond aircraft sales.