In accordance with the PART-145 we offer line, base and workshop aircraft maintenance. We assist in the preparation of documentation. We analyze defects, and solve technical problems. Zakład jest Autoryzowanym Centrum Serwisowym samolotów Cirrus i Diamond w ramach zatwierdzonej organizacji kompleksowej zdatnosci do lotu PART CAO.

What is CAO

We also have the approval of the national NCAO organization, certificate PL.NCAO.0003 (see our certificate) – in the scope of operation and management of continuous airworthiness.
CAO is a certified Comprehensive Airworthiness Organization. Our organization has certificate No. PL.CAO.0016 (see our certificate) and the following privileges: >> Performing technical maintenance, >> Continuous airworthiness management, >> Performance of airworthiness checks (issuing and renewing ARC validity), >> Issuance of permits to fly.

Aircraft servicing and maintenance

Since 2010, we have been authorized servicing center for Cirrus airplanes.

We service the following types of airplanes:
 Cirrus SR20
 Cirrus SR22
 Cirrus SR22T

Since 2018, we have been authorized servicing center for Diamond airplanes.

We service the following types of airplanes:
Diamond DA20 (all variants)
Diamond DA40 (all variants)
Diamond DA42 (all variants)
Diamond DA62
Diamond DV20

We also perform servicing of the following airplanes:
Cessna 150, 152, 172, 182

Under the national NCAO authorization, we service the following planes:
Van’s RV-8,
Van’s RV-10,
other uncertified airplanes.

Our additional services:

>> Support in the scope of air worthiness and airplane technical condition at purchase – Pre-buy Inspection,
>> NDT inspections,
>> Airplane painting, marking and labelling,
>> Storage in hangars,
>> Ferry flights of planes.

Management of continuous airworthiness

If you own any of the above types of aircraft, we offer professional assistance in carrying out tasks related to continuous airworthiness:
   >> Carrying out pre-flight inspections,
   >> Implementation of technical services specified in the developed Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP),
   >> Carrying out all applicable Airworthiness Directives and other mandatory activities,
   >> Organization and supervision of repairs and modifications,
   >> Implementation of test flights related to maintenance,
   >> Maintaining and storage of continuing airworthiness documentation.

To carry out the tasks related to the management of continuous airworthiness, it is necessary to have a system for exchanging information about the current flight hours count and the technical condition of the airplane. To this end, we offer our clients one of two solutions:
   >> developed by our organization on-board technical log (PDT)
   >> electronic AuriDM application as an alternative to the paper version.

Airworthiness Checks (ARC)

We perform airworthiness checks – ARC issue, ARC extension for aircraft managed by our organization.

Permit to Fly

If your aircraft loses airworthiness, we will develop and approve the flight conditions and issue a Permit to Fly.


Maintenance of “small” aircraft with MTOM up to 5700kg is performed in Hangar No. 3 on the premises of Military Aviation Works No. 2 S.A.